The THIEME Screen Printers offer great registration stability, printing speeds and colour control.

THIEME is an international leader in high-quality screen printing systems.
This is a state of the art printing press and is distinguished by the highest printing quality and efficiency.


Servodrive concept
• Increases modularity or the multi colour systems
• Ensures precise and re liable processes
• Enhances reliability and availability
• Permits more automatic set-up features
• Much more effective for meeting changing machine requirements

Gripper system
• Dimension and rigidity for large formats
• For material with a thickness or up to 10 mm
• Less reaction when applying the opening mechanism
• Dynamic gripper centering – gripper and sheet are successively moved to the correct position during transport

• All settings including the squeegee angles are programmable
• Equalized squeegee pressure irrespective of length and position of squeegee profile; squeegee pressure is programmable
• Automatic depth and parallelism setting of the squeegee
• Depth adjustment of the flood bar (motorised)
• 90 degree swing-up mechanism above the drip-pan for exchanging screens
• 180 degree swing-up mechanism for changing the squeegee (only one person required)
• All functional parts are covered

Screen frame reception bar
• Peel-off programmable
• Screen frame dimension programmable
• 4-axes screen fine adjustment
• 3-point screen positioning
• Pneumatic screen frame fixture: Mechanically clamped, pneumatically opened

UV intermediate dryer with Advanced Energy Management
• Intelligent standby mode
• Variable power steps
• Drying at minimum energy capacity
• 7 different scan speeds
• 30-50% power savings
• Minimum heat exposure or substrate

• Full size mesh transport belt with lateral guides
• Vacuum supported belt self-adjusting in size and strength
• Automatic belt speed adjustment
• No gap between outlet station and automatic stacker

Touchscreen operation
• Simple and reliable operating concept
• Set-up time < 5 min per print station
• Operator guidance with basic programs
• Job programming

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